6,000 Hits

May 7, 2018 we reach 6,000 hits. its cool of you fellas. Thanks.

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Club Penguin Famous and Rare Penguins

Made a video with about 50-60 penguins in the video which is about 20 minutes long. Made club penguin famous and rare penguins video in memory of all the penguins from 2005-2009. Most of these penguins are famous old bloggers, few moderators, rare penguins, and some beta testers. These are from my famous and rare penguins page on my blog. I thought I’d put it together into a video for all of us to see. Clever idea.

I added some music to the video too. Wondering the name, it is “block rockin beats” by the chemical brothers. kinda loops in the video 5 times for 20 minutes.