Time Trekker at the Dock

Scott comes across an unusual vehicle, formerly known as the Time Trekker, at the Dock. Pretty strange, huh? I wonder why it’s there.


I also notice some construction signs put up, meaning something in this trekker is being made. I also decided to see what’s in there for show.

Inside the Trekker

I saw some tools lying around, some time machinery, and other stuff. I also spotted a message on the Windshield. It contained a list, and here’s what it says:

  • Discovered Substitute Power Source for UFO
  • Calibrating Time Trekker 3000 for Distant Past
  • Calibration will complete on Jan. (January) 21


Hmm. Could this hint about something? I predict that it might be about aliens, or the past, or maybe, whatever.


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