Penguin Of The Week: Brisingr11

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Penguin Of The Week: Brisingr11



We come across a new nominee, which is Brisingr11!
Brisingr11 was nominated by:

  • Justice1090
  • Babu Lal

And here are their comments:

“For Penguin Of The Week I will nominate a very kind penguin: Brisingr11! When I first met him, we were at the Night Club, which was packed, and he offered me a spot on the dance floor! Not only is he kind, but he’s a great dancer, too! I really hope he wins Penguin Of The Week!”

“Hi Megg! I would like to nominate Brisingr11 for Penguin Of The Week, BUT WHERE TO START!? He is just the best guy I’ve ever met! He is a great friend, and his igloos…AWESOME! He and I met in the Clothes Shop and I thought he was so cool. I’d really be happy if he won!”


Congratulations, Brisingr11! Have a good one!


Article made on Wednesday, February 10, 2016, at aound 5:15 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Sources: Club Penguin, Club Penguin’s blog


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