Orange You Glad We Didn’t Say Box Dimension?

Club Penguin Activity                                                  Sunday, February 21, 2016

Orange Puffle Preview


Well, the title was too long, but that was the title for Club Penguin’s post. But anyhow, the post demonstrates the Orange Puffle, and the Box Dimension. Oh hey, and nice joke for the title, Club Penguin!

Okay, okay. So orange puffles are one of the two that are quite funny, but commonly known by the name of being “zany”. This puffle also has such teeth sticking out, compared to the other puffles. These puffles are known to the Box Dimension, in which they love it. The box dimension is usually located by accessing it via the Portal Box from your igloo (If you have the box, and if you’re a member), and also located at the Lodge Attic, where there is a hidden box, in which you mouse over to reveal a hidden portal, which eventually just heads there.

So much puffles. But their just some of our good furry friends around the island.


Club Penguin’s blog post:

Some sources might be from Club Penguin’s blog.


Article was made on Sunday, February 21, 2016, at 8:50 PM Eastern Standard Time.


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