Operation: Tri-Umph

Club Penguin Activity

Operation: Tri-Umph



Once more, Herbert strikes back- No this is not a star wars reference, but this is another part of an operation, for an unfortunate reason. This Elite Penguin Force Mission/Operation started on February 11, and will end on March 2. So let’s get started on what’s in store.

The banner, which can be both seen on the main homepage of club penguin, and their login page
When Club Penguin is loading. Here, it shows three coloured lasers in a fixed proportion moving, and obviously changing the Club Penguin logo’s colours, from Green, Blue, and to Purple. And let’s also not forget about the tagline, in this case says “Stop Herbert before he changes the island forever!”. It’s the reason it’s called “Operation Doom”.
Once you’re in a server, you’ll receive a popup message. Here, Herbert in the first sequence, shows that his laser is ready. Uh oh.
In the second sequence, Herbert will try and destroy the forts, and of course, all of what will remain in the island.
If you click “Go There” from Herbert’s monologue, You’ll be redirected to the Snow Forts for a disco/dance party, including lasers. And from there, Rookie will demonstrate about this. And you know, from the blog, a message included about the disco party.
Oh, and by the way, here’s what the Snow Forts looks like.


This icon thingamabob, or an empty badge like material will help you on your operation.
We start at Operation Tri-Umph. In our first iteration, it’s basically a dance party, and there are some free member items to claim.
These items can be also obtained from the box.
Clicking the box filled with items sends you to the current free member items. Some of these items might look familiar to you.
Oh, and let’s not forget about the Party Emoticons below. It features the old blue penguin waving, a Black and White Pizza, and a Traffic Light.
A few days later, we receive our new objectives, which is basically at the Town. And here’s Herbert’s new additional monologue:
Here’s Rookie’s monologue. It appears that we were shrunk by Herbert via his Shrink Ray. Another source from the blog.
Here’s the other half of Rookie’s monologue:
And we are so tiny!
Let’s not forget about the other set of free items at the town.
Clicking the box of items shows the current free member items. And boy, do they look huge!
Let’s not forget about the Phone Interface. It has updated. So in the first page, you’ll see the recent laser dance party, and a new objective-type mission, in this case where Rookie states there is a small situation undergoing at the Town.
In the second page, you see the current member items for the second objective, along with an unreleased/new/upcoming objective, in this case, will be available on February 25, including the member items.
Another few days later, we receive a new monologue from Herbert. I guess you could see that it’s actually black and white- Like the old days from the 1800s or something. In 2016, however, Herbert made a uncolourizer ray, transforming the Plaza into an old area.
Clicking “Go There” will simply head to Rookie’s monologue.
The second part of Rookie’s monologue, saying that we should stop this “tri-umph”. He also states that there is a hole for investigation.
And truly, I tell you, the Plaza indeed is Black and White!
And even the Pizza Parlor!
And also the Mall!
The right of the Plaza, where it is black and white, are the uncolourized ray and a suitcase filled with member items.
Yes, it is filled with member items- but in uncolourized mode.
Moving on. To the left of the Plaza is a hole. There appears to be tape, in this indication that it might be suspicious.
Inside appears to be a maze or some sort. There is a sign to Start, some safety gear (which is the Miners Helmet), and also a Map, but was taped. Might be familiar. So forth, you will complete this maze.
During the maze, you’ll spot some unusual stuff, like this chalk drawing of a UFO and some penguins holding sticks.
And the Finish Line, with the no entry advisory.
Once you proceed through, the alarm sounds, and Herbert was alerted.
The second part of the monologue.
You’ll then head here to a machine. Unplug it, and Herbert’s plans will be ruined (Or the machine, which will malfunction.
Once unplugged, the power source is retrieved, according to the Director.
And then you’ll receive some items, such as a pin, and a member item.


New stuff on the Phone. The second page includes our new objective, including some free items. Remember, the third objective takes place at the Plaza, on February 25.
The third and last page includes a briefing from the Director abour a possible cave in the plaza, in this case, should be looked upon. It also includes some rewards.

And a short video demonstration, which is simply Part 1:

And here’s Part 2:



And part 3:

That’s all to this party. More will be coming within the next days or so.



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