Puffle Spotlight: A Blog Post Fit for Royalty

Club Penguin Activity                                  Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rainbow Puffle Preview


Indubitably. Thou team has sayith rightly. A post about a royal puffle, who lived in a manor- But wait! The team, has simply created a blog post, a blog post, in which fits thou topic, for the rainbow puffle!

It all began three years ago, thou sayith. In a magical sky kingdom afloat above, stood there a bunch of puffles. Not just any sort, but at its finest, shall it be called, as colourful puffles. It is considered a magic, and therefore hereby, as an awesome, furry creature.

But way into the beginning, a handler of puffles has eventually discovered these in ancient times. And today, they live beyond- Not Infinity and beyond, but beyond the Hotel of Puffles, in which are located at the Hotel’s Roof. In fact, I must inform you that they still have stood there ever since. But if you catapult yourself up and away, there’s a chance you can visit them, and possibly adopt them today.


Puffles at its finest, I must say. But for now, you shall keep checking for more in store. I guess that should be enough for today, and I must advise and inform you to have a good day.


Ye olde article was made on Thursday, February 25, 2016, at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.


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