Puffle Spotlight: Gary’s Perfect Puffle Match

Club Penguin Activity                                                      Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blue Triceratops Puffle Preview (Including Gary’s Puffle)


Well, the Club Penguin team releases some new puffle spotlight information, in regards of the Puffle. In fact, Gary has gave some vital details about the puffle as well.


Name: Darwin
Puffle type: Blue triceratops puffle
Likes: Stomping (Note: Educate Darwin that stomping is an OUTSIDE activity)
Favorite location: The Puffle Park
Second favorite location: My laboratory (Note: Stupendous! I love the lab too.)
Favorite invention: Puffle O Feeder 3000 (Note: Excellent! Darwin displays an interest in science).
Dislikes: Coffee (Note: Very strange. How could anyone dislike coffee).
Conclusion: Darwin has adjusted extremely well to life on Club Penguin. He’s as curious as a brown puffle and as playful as a blue. I am very pleased that I adopted him!
Hmm. Well, other sources say that is a perfect match for the Gadget Guy.
Other sources can be found on the Club Penguin blog post.
Article was made on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, at 4:33 AM Eastern Standard Time.

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