Puffle Spotlight: Out of the Blue

Club Penguin Activity                                                              Friday, March 18, 2016

Blue Deer Puffle Preview


Pretty much today’s post made by the team basically releases a pop quiz. I guess they ran out of batteries for new spotlights.

*The following sources below are from the Club Penguin blog*



You’re exploring the Wilds of Club Penguin. You look into your backpack to discover you left your peanut butter, jam, and salmon sandwich at home.

No problem! Four wild puffles say there are delicious O’berries around that penguins have never discovered. Which of the puffles do you take as your guide?

A) Red Rabbit

B) Yellow Unicorn

C) Orange Raccoon

D) Blue Deer

If you picked A: It leads you to… the sasquatch’s secret hideout?! You’re still hungry but you have a great time visiting your sasquatch pal.

If you picked B: The unicorn puffle notices its reflection on a shimmering lake. Your stomach growls as the puffle admires its hair.

If you picked C: The orange raccoon leads you to… a trash bin. You’re hungry, but not that hungry.

If you picked D: The Blue Deer leads you directly to a patch of strange O’berries. They’re DELICIOUS!

Let’s hear it for the Blue Deer!

Do they really know where undiscovered O’berries are? That’s what rumors say!

-Club Penguin Team


I guess also most of these puffles have some gifs and moving actions in most of the posts.




Article was made on Friday, March 18, 2016, at 4:22 PM Eastern Standard Time.



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