Puffle Spotlight: Bwock Bok a Bocka!

Club Penguin Activity                                                   Thursday, March 24, 2016

Chicken Puffle Preview


This spotlight mainly was an email, which was sent by this extraordinarily looking puffle. Unfortunately, however, this is “Chicken Language”. To give you a hint, here’s what the chicken had sent:


Bok bok ka-bok! Bawk bok pwok bawk, cluck ka-bok, cluck cluck cluck! Bwock bok bwock cluck a cluck pok pok cluck bok!

Cluck cluck pwok bok bok, pok ka-bok ka-bok ka-bok.

Pwoka bok klock bwok bwok! Ka-bokkkkkk!

Bok bok bok,



The main objective here, is to find out what this puffle had said. Might be quite difficult.




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