Puffle Party 2016

Club Penguin Activity                                                    Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Puffle Party 2016


New party starts now! A Puffle Party!

This party will last from March 17, 2016 to April 6, 2016. This party is mainly all about the puffles, very cute and fluffy, I must say. Let’s get you through it.


The Puffle Party logo, seen on Club Penguin’s homepage
The loading screen, when you have selected a server. This indicates about some challenges along the way.
Here we come across the Puffle Handler (PH) ‘s monologue, all about the puffle party which is on.
The second part of the monologue, which is about an event that takes place sometime during the party. Challenges at its finest.
Speaking about the hide and seek challenge, it’s probably about finding one type of puffle of each colour, and claiming your prizes. Pretty much straightforward.
Anyhow, clicking the wood carved puffle figure shows the Puffle Party 2016 Interface. The interface shows about some notifications, challenges, quests, and other actions. Yes, there are a lot of stuff. And after each challenge, you’ll receive some special Member items and a pin. Good luck on the challenge.
Let’s move on now to the rooms. This is the Town. Some unusal and good stuff. This updates sometimes for each day, changing the colours for each puffle.
Coffee Shop
Danceclub. Nothing had really changed, except for the room’s music. Groovy!
Dock. This is also where the Puffle Medal Pin is located.
The Beach. And boy, is it a nice and hot and sunny day!
The Lighthouse (Or the Hospital)
The Stadium
The Snow Forts (Or the Tree Forts)
The Plaza. Very decorative and interesting.
The Puffle Berry Mall, or the Puffle Gala
Like the Danceclub, the Pizza Parlor hadn’t changed, except for the music.
The Forest. It’s always a good time to explore into the forest.
Last but not least, the Cove. It’s an extraordinarily fun place to visit. Relax in the sun, and have a go on the water slides. Looks like summer memories to me.
Let’s not forget that there are also some Booths. These are basically the places to adopt puffles, quite similar to the Wild and the Pet Shop, and for some other places. These booths are located at the Town and the Plaza






Here’s what it looks like when you access the booth. It’s mainly the booth’s interface.
There is also a Puffle Parade that might happen throughout the party.
The line extends all the way from the Town, to the Plaza.
The puffle search, or known as hide n seek in 2016, is an easy challenge. Simply put, you’ll need find the puffle. The red one tells you to find the puffle, in which it is showing you what to find. There are some clues there as well to help you.
To find the puffles, you need to see the sparkly things shining upon you. Clicking these will show a different kind of puffle. Click the right one- The one where it matches the puffle in the interface.
The red one.
Once you’ve found the puffle, claim your items. And continue on with your journey until March 27 to find them puffles.
Let’s also not forget about the party emoticons released.


And below, is a video demonstration of the party.


I’ll have a blast on Club Penguin- No, not the one where you make beans and cause global warming, but have some good times on our wonderful snowy island. And I hope you will too!


Article was made on Wednesday, March 16, 2016, at 8:24 PM Eastern Standard Time.


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