Puffle Spotlight: EnDEERing Personality

Club Penguin Activity                                                     Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Purple Deer Puffle Preview


According to some information from the blog and the team, they tell us that there are some specified characteristics. Not only does the team give us the information, but also some specialists/experts of Club Penguin do, like the Puffle Handler (PH) for example. The handler had written some notes and sent them to the Club Penguin offices on the report.


Type: Purple Deer Puffle

Discovered: November 2014

Likes: Music (Note: A bit strange that a wild puffle loves the electric guitar).

Dislikes: Hearing the same pun over and over (Note: Gotta stop saying “Oh deer”).

Personality: Shy (Note: This one’s a bit timid… till you get it on the dance floor. Crikey, it’s got some moves!)


Thanks for the interesting stuff you added, PH! Lets us know much about the puffle better. And I guess there might be more spotlights to come.




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