Puffle Spotlight: Blue Raccoon, Now I’m No Longer Alone

Club Penguin Activity                                              Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Blue Raccoon Puffle Preview


Some puffle specialists released some information on this robber, who is most wanted- No, um, it’s mainly based on those puffles who like to sneak in and out, taking pizzas.



Last night, I swear I saw something strange. It looked like puffles playing hide and seek in the distance. From the light of the campfire they almost looked like blue raccoon puffles. It makes me laugh when I think of it now. My eyes must have been playing tricks on me.

Still, these puffles moved like I’d never seen. They were quick, graceful, and played so well together.

It had to have been blue puffles, right? Of course it was. I can’t let my imagination run away on me.


Seemed like a weird thing. Raccoons. Raccoons everywhere. No, I’m just imagining.




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