Project: Super Secret – Meet the Band

Club Penguin Activity                                                   Friday, April 29, 2016

Project: Super Secret Preview #2


Nothing much in particular, but a preview of what will happen. In this one, we have what appears to be a band. You know, those guys rocking at them tunes and drum rolls and such? Well yes.

Anyhow, Megg had some members to join in, and play their music. They have a video on their blog, and they also need a name for their good ol’ band. For more information, have a look at what’s new on Club Penguin.




Sam Meet-Up Times (Wilderness Expedition) 2

Club Penguin Activity                                                         Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sasquatch Meet-Up Times (Wilderness Expedition) #2


Ol’ Samuel will be visiting the island every once in a while at around the afternoon hours. Be sure to have a look at our clock tower for the times.

Located at the Snow Forts.



Thursday, April 28, 2016
: Crystal | Time: 3:00 PM PST

Friday, April 29, 2016
: Northern Lights | Time: 3:00 PM PST

Saturday, April 30, 2016
Server: Fog | Time: 3:00 PM PST

Sunday, May 1, 2016
: Mittens | Time: 3:00 PM PST

Monday, May 2, 2016
: Frosty | Time: 3:00 PM PST

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
: Mammoth | Time: 3:00 PM PST

A Penguin’s Guide to the Wilderness

Club Penguin Activity                                                    Monday, April 25, 2016

A Penguin’s Guide to the Wilderness


The importance of wild humour. Maybe slipping on a banana peel someone might’ve carelessly dropped when hiking, or making some defecation accident in their pants or something. Or even maybe someone making some frog croaking after drinking lots of soda- Some success has been made!

So anyhow, we have some good assistance from our guide of the wilds. The team had recently gave us some good tips for around and about of the island and wilderness regions. Have a look below.


  • A penguin never has to be alone. Bring friends to explore the Wilds. No one online? Try recruiting new friends at the Pizza Parlor!


  • Do you miss the Time Trekker 3000? Practice your caveguin skills in The Wilds and form a tribe!


  • Park ranger and Puffle guide positions are now open. Applicants should be able to lead others through forest mazes. Knowledge on puffle wildlife is an asset. Head to the Docks to find out more.


  • Are you an EPF agent? Set up a perimeter and keep the Wilds safe. There’s no telling what lurks there.


  • Practice your animal calls with friends. Roaring like a bear is a great way to clear phlegm from your throat!


The last one is my favourite. Animal humour. Anyhow, in particular, those are some of some simply good stuff.



Penguin Of The Week: Cupcake659

Club Penguin Activity                                                        Monday, April 25, 2016

Penguin Of The Week: Cupcake659


Under the Club Penguin act, the team had released some heads-up notice. According to a previous blog post made by the team, they’ve chosen a penguin who broke the importance of Club Penguin’s rules. Just a heads up from the team.


In other news, we got ourselves a new nomination for the week.

As a new user of the island, Cupcake659 has been nominated! Merci boucou for thou nomination, lady Lulu90266!

Denominator will have a speech for the nomination.

I would like to nominate my bestie Cupcake659. I think she should be nominated because she always has my back. I have known her since first grade and she loves nature. Also, Cupcake659 should be POTW because I can trust her and I know she can trust me. Whenever I am sad she cheers me up. -Lulu90266

Very well spoken words, ma’am. And keep an eye out for more activity!



Wilderness Expedition 2016

Club Penguin Activity                                                       Sunday, April 21, 2016

Wilderness Expedition 2016


Time to go on an expedition!

Pack up some hiking and camping equipment, and have a go!

Moving on, this Expeditionarily fun Wilderness Expedition started on April 21, 2016, and will end on May 4, 2016. Let’s take a hike, as if we were waddling down memory lane or something.

When we go on and play, the first thing we see is the banner. Banners are what gets us penguins’ eyes, to tell what is going on for the upcoming times.



After that, once you login, and clicked a server, you come across a loading screen. There appear to be some footprints- And I see you in there, buddy!



Once it has done loading, you’ll come across Aunt Arctic’s monologue.



Clicking the arrow button proceeds to the next monologue. I believe you need to complete a maze to find a village in the wilderness.



We also arrive at the Dock, the main supply area.



On the top right is your guide. It has everything you need for the expedition. Great thing to have with you.



Inside is a guide for some particular stuff, like some gear, where it directs you to the Penguin Style Catalog, the camp, where it directs you to the Base Camp at the Dock, and others. Here’s the first page.



Here’s the second page. I guess most of the items are free items for members to claim.



And then the third page.



And the last/fourth page:



I guess for some times when you log in, and go on a server, there are some new stuff to discover. One monologue appears to help you out.



On April 23, another new monologue appears.



For the few days, Sasquatch tells us about some various items. These items can be found in the Wilderness as you go along and complete it.



Moving on, the Wilderness (or the Maze) can be accessed at the right side of the Dock. Let’s go!



The wilderness is like a maze. Instead, however, you follow a variety of stuff (including stuff you find).



If you get lost, you’ll be in this part with a note teling you to go back. It’s facing the left, so if you’re lost, that’s the way back.




The first one tells you to go right. Note that there are also some items lying around, so pick them up, and earn some items at the end.





Then go up. Be sure to pick up the items along the way.



Next, go right.



Go down.



Go left.



Go down.



Go right.



There are some items inside the lost area as well. What a coincidence!



Along the way, you’ll get a checkmark, and sometime during your search, you’ll actually complete a task.








When done correctly, you’ll be at the village, congratulated by Sam. Thanks, buddy!



I think it was an okay one, having some good outdoors. Below is a video for what’s to come in this expedition.



A Haiku for You

Club Penguin Activity                                                       Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Haiku for You



Club Penguin Activity, my site
A blog for new stuff it might!
Have a look, it’s bright.*

Anyhow, we’ve come across one of our wondrous and wise wisdom of Sensei’s words. In some prior-to-decision, Megg had recently had some previous box of work from our master in the dojo. Not to mention that Haiku Day was on April 17, 2016. In accordance to the blog, I will be showing you what’s to expect.

To write a haiku
You just need to write three lines
Of five, seven, five

And it’s quite easy,
To sound very sage and wise,
Speaking with haiku

Like the great cookie
We must have honor and strength
And chocolate chips

Sensei has spoken truly and wisely to us on how to write a haiku. An interesting unit or poetry, master. I appreciate those kind instructions.

There will be more to come, so relax, and we will give you all.

Some new stuff is here
Something is near
And the rest is history…*


*  –  Seth’s haikus

Club Penguin Times Goes Bi-Weekly

Club Penguin Activity                                                         Friday, April 22, 2016

Bi-Weekly News


Breaking news, or shall I say: Broken News…

Nothing in particular that is serious here, but some may be disappointed- Don’t worry, because you’ll still get the latest scoop- Maybe your late night snack or something…

But anyhow, here’s the real news. No, I’m no editor of the Club Penguin Times, but, according to the Club Penguin blog, there will be newspapers falling from the sky every two weeks. Pretty much an issue, right? I guess it’s due to ink shortage. Well, I guess I fell in some bucket of ink as you can see my penguin, all covered in the gooey splotches (No, just kidding).

More news from the blog, is that Aunt Arctic will be giving us the latest scoop- No, not the ice cream until Summer time, but some new news, in which I’ll be catching up on for every two weeks. Have a look on Club Penguin’s blog for more information in regards of the newspaper “issue”.