Gary’s 5 Inventions (3 working ones, and 2 malfunctioned)

Club Penguin Activity                                                                   Friday, April 15, 2016

The Invention Demonstration of Gary’s 5 Inventions


I know, Gary is one smart aleck, even since as a child. We come across his 5 inventions: 3, in which they are in good shape, and 2, where they somehow, malfunctioned. Let’s have a look.


1. System Defender

This fun game was demonstrated to its fun gameplay, using three colored cannons, and blasting away at those silly little insects. This was to give some good agent skills and strategies for future missions.

2.  Island Lifter 3000

Huh. Well, I guess in the future, no more Club Penguin Island- No wait. So Mr. Gadget Guy made an island lifter. I wonder where Gary will take us? So, this was made for a replacement of some sort.

3. Minderizer 3000

If you’re not thinking straight, use the minderizer 3000… But anyhow, this invention is for getting penguins back to normal. Gary used this invention of his to get Rockhopper’s mind back to normal.

4. Crab Translator 3000

Used in the old days by the gadget inventor guy, it’s been mainly used for the crab that had been captured. This gadget usually is like Google Translate, where they use particular language around the world. However, this one only uses the crab language, where it’s just clicking sounds. This machine had malfunctioned, and the crab escapes.

5. MascBots

The MascBots are mainly mascot formations of various famous mascots of this present day, such as Gary, Aunt Arctic, and others. This was one of Gary’s complete/failed designs, as for some reason was working properly. But then, however, its systems were reverted and changed.


These are just some of what Gary had invented during his years of inventing.




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