Puffle Spotlight: Grass-Hopper

Club Penguin Activity                                                          Friday, April 15, 2016

Puffle Spotlight: Grass-Hopper


Well, yes, it is green, but it doesn’t look like a grasshopper… But as we come to a new spotlight, we have some of our famous representatives of the island talk about this puffle.


DJ Cadence: ur always bouncin high in the crowd when I sing Best Day Ever. Thx for being an AWESOME fan!!!

Aunt Arctic: I know I can sometimes be serious, but puffles like you remind me to have fun. You’re so playful and bouncy!

PH: You’re a top-notch discovery, mate!

Gary: Your boisterous nature has had a positive impact on the disposition of penguins everywhere!

Dot: I’ve heard that you might know how to translate crab. You ever consider working for an Elite organization?

Seth: I don’t think this puffle looks like a grasshopper… But to my opinions, I think this is a certainly fine furry creature of the island. However, I think some puffles need to use some of their strategies (Specifically like their hobbies like exploring and such), because strangely, I don’t know why they don’t do as much when they dig up something.

Note: Seth is not included, but according to the Club Penguin blog, you may add something you wish to put. In the comments section.




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