Club Penguin Times Goes Bi-Weekly

Club Penguin Activity                                                         Friday, April 22, 2016

Bi-Weekly News


Breaking news, or shall I say: Broken News…

Nothing in particular that is serious here, but some may be disappointed- Don’t worry, because you’ll still get the latest scoop- Maybe your late night snack or something…

But anyhow, here’s the real news. No, I’m no editor of the Club Penguin Times, but, according to the Club Penguin blog, there will be newspapers falling from the sky every two weeks. Pretty much an issue, right? I guess it’s due to ink shortage. Well, I guess I fell in some bucket of ink as you can see my penguin, all covered in the gooey splotches (No, just kidding).

More news from the blog, is that Aunt Arctic will be giving us the latest scoop- No, not the ice cream until Summer time, but some new news, in which I’ll be catching up on for every two weeks. Have a look on Club Penguin’s blog for more information in regards of the newspaper “issue”.




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