Penguin Of The Week: Cupcake659

Club Penguin Activity                                                        Monday, April 25, 2016

Penguin Of The Week: Cupcake659


Under the Club Penguin act, the team had released some heads-up notice. According to a previous blog post made by the team, they’ve chosen a penguin who broke the importance of Club Penguin’s rules. Just a heads up from the team.


In other news, we got ourselves a new nomination for the week.

As a new user of the island, Cupcake659 has been nominated! Merci boucou for thou nomination, lady Lulu90266!

Denominator will have a speech for the nomination.

I would like to nominate my bestie Cupcake659. I think she should be nominated because she always has my back. I have known her since first grade and she loves nature. Also, Cupcake659 should be POTW because I can trust her and I know she can trust me. Whenever I am sad she cheers me up. -Lulu90266

Very well spoken words, ma’am. And keep an eye out for more activity!




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