A Penguin’s Guide to the Wilderness

Club Penguin Activity                                                    Monday, April 25, 2016

A Penguin’s Guide to the Wilderness


The importance of wild humour. Maybe slipping on a banana peel someone might’ve carelessly dropped when hiking, or making some defecation accident in their pants or something. Or even maybe someone making some frog croaking after drinking lots of soda- Some success has been made!

So anyhow, we have some good assistance from our guide of the wilds. The team had recently gave us some good tips for around and about of the island and wilderness regions. Have a look below.


  • A penguin never has to be alone. Bring friends to explore the Wilds. No one online? Try recruiting new friends at the Pizza Parlor!


  • Do you miss the Time Trekker 3000? Practice your caveguin skills in The Wilds and form a tribe!


  • Park ranger and Puffle guide positions are now open. Applicants should be able to lead others through forest mazes. Knowledge on puffle wildlife is an asset. Head to the Docks to find out more.


  • Are you an EPF agent? Set up a perimeter and keep the Wilds safe. There’s no telling what lurks there.


  • Practice your animal calls with friends. Roaring like a bear is a great way to clear phlegm from your throat!


The last one is my favourite. Animal humour. Anyhow, in particular, those are some of some simply good stuff.




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