Penguin Of The Week: Madzom8ie

Club Penguin Activity                                                                Monday, May 2, 2016

Penguin Of The Week: Madzom8ie


Weekly, perhaps on Mondays, we receive various activity from the blog all about the penguin of the week nominations. Madzom8ie here recently has been the new Penguin Of The Week for May 2!

For additional information, three fellow nominators had done some spectacular work, and have made comments for the reason for Madzom8ie to be the new weekly penguin.



  • Musk Rat
  • Shineygirl
  • Kat Here1


Nominators’ Comments:

Congrats Cupcake659!!! I would like to nominate my best friend Madzom8ie because he is super duper sweet, amazingly awesome, he has awesome igloos, he has super cool style, and he’s always ready to help someone when they need it! He deserves it so much!Thanks for reading Megg! -Musk Rat

Hi Megg! I would like to nominate Madzom8ie because he is AWESOME and he’s fun to hand around with! Please make Madzom8ie POTW!! Waddle On! -Shineygirl

I would like to nominate Madzom8ie. He is an awesome friend and is the magic of cp community





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