Penguin Of The Week: Cherry Pink

Club Penguin Activity                                                       Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Penguin Of The Week 05/24/2016 – Cherry Pink


Nominations occur during Mondays, or Tuesdays if a holiday is happening or some sort. In any way, however, some wacky news to come. It’s not too crazy, though.

Cherry Pink comes as a new nomination, straight outta the island. Some usual and fine work for a good one. Simply good stuff.

Below, we may present you with some acquirement of the activity.



  • Kayna1


Nominator’s’ Comment(s)

I would LOVE to nominate my BFF i have seen many times she is so sweet and we play together every time we both are on. She always makes me smile and her username is Cherry Pink. she is the nicest penguin I have ever met. When I first met her we were waiting for Gary to get on. we came best friends!





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