5 Kind-of-Famous Club Penguin Residents You Might Not Know

Club Penguin Activity                                                                Friday, May 27, 2016

5 Kind-of-Famous Club Penguin Residents You Might Not Know


Well, I can be a resident, too…

In any unusual case, we got five (5) semi-famous characters of our island. Let me get you through it.


  1. Garianna

She is mainly Gary’s relative- A distant aunt. Garianna is also a wizard- No, I don’t mean the Harry Potter series… In any way, you got magical activity, with potions and all that sorcery.


2. The Living Sled

This “living” sled, is just a normal sled, based on the island favourite movie Night of the Living Sled, which happens around Halloween. A good, scary movie to enjoy on the snowy island. It’s just a sled, nothing is there to be afraid about.


3. Rory

Rory is a Construction Worker on the island of Club Penguin. He always wears a hard hat and a safety vest for building and such. Mighty fine, and some good work.


4. Keeper of the Boiler Room

The keeper is a green puffle that is usually located at the Danceclub. This puffle is a good dancer, like the purple puffle. Not only is he a dancer at the club, but as a keeper, he also has an eye on the boiler room.


5. The Charming, Eloquent, Rainbow-sheened, Flaxen-haired Glitterpants!!! (Rarest of them all)

Charming, sophisticated secret agent. Shaken, but not stirred- Oh, no, not another James Bond reference… But we arrive with Glitterpants. But I don’t see any glitter, nor do I see, um, oh my- No trousers!!! Anyhow, a good ol’ rare puffle of the island.


And these are just some of them. Yes, there might be some also good ones out there. You’ll never know.





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