Penguin Of The Week: Jdan1001

Club Penguin Activity                                                         Monday, May 30, 2016

Penguin Of The Week 05/30/2016 – Jdan1001


An insanely good box of news!

Here, we got Jdan1001 for this week’s nomination. Congratulations on this well earned achievement, Mr. Jdan! Well for deserves!




Nominator’s’ Comments

I would like to nominate my amazing friend Jdan1001! He has brought this community back to life with all his amazing events such as CPReunion and 31daysforCP. He is super sweet and does all he can for this community. Hope he wins!

Congrats Cherry Pink! I nominate Jdan1001 for Penguin of the Week because he is nice to everyone he meets and tries to assist people in need. His parties and events are also amazing and really bring the community together. I hope you choose my long time friend for POTW!





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