“Be Very Very Quiet, We’re Hunting Bugs!”

Club Penguin Activity                                                       Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fixing Bugs on Club Penguin


Club Penguin has an amount of bugs that need to be fixed, or squished. Maybe a bug exterminator can do it quickly…

Anyways, according to that, the Club Penguin team can also squish them, as they received some emails from a few users and counting from the support team. As they say, one must be quiet when fixing. You’ll never know when something screws up at anytime.

Anyways, below are some bugs that have been fixed or not. Be sure to keep checking back for more bugs incoming. No worries, a military infested army of small critters won’t be charging at you…


Support Ticket Number                                 Bug                                       Squashed?

8217                                   During the ‘Create a Penguin’ flow,                               Yes
it requires multiple tries to pass when penguins
select the correct item.


  7501                         The penguin art gallery may or may not load                       Yes
successfully (is sometimes non-functional); no
submitted artwork appears on-screen.


      7497                 In the telescope, the sky appears to be party-themed.                Yes


 7358                    Megaphone in Costume Catalog is a member purchase                                   Yes
for 145 coins, but item is set to free and for everyone


         5767                Unable to purchase member-only items from the Costume           Yes



Be sure to keep an eye out for bugs, and you can report them to Club Penguin Support.



Club Penguin’s Support E-Mail for Help, Bugs, etc:         support@clubpenguin.com




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