World Music Day

Club Penguin Activity                                                             Tuesday, June 21, 2016

World Music Day


My favourite event. And it’s all by the theme of music!  [insert john cena music here]

Rock on, sing along, play a musical instrument, form a band, play it loud!, whatever suits you for this thingamajig. Music is everywhere. Enjoy it.


In other words, we received some tips based on how to celebrate this fun event for all of us on the island of Club Penguin. They are:

1.  Put on a live concert at the Lighthouse
2. Rock out to your friends’ tunes at the Dance Club
3. Throw a Music Jam themed party at your igloo (or join in on another one!)
4. Start a toot parade and waddle through as many rooms as you can – if you do this, let us know how many rooms you made it to!
5. Take over the Iceberg with your all-tuba band


Ah, have I remembered all those old days back in 2011, the tubas, the penguin band(s), lighthouse rockers, all that. Maybe I should start up a musical performance/band sometime today. Oh, and thanks for the tips, team!


Rock on!                                                              3258b8bb2e954debaf039177b91a72bc.png





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