Megg Monday: Let’s Play Hide and Seek!

Club Penguin Activity                                                    Monday, June 27, 2016

Megg Monday Meet-Up 06/27/2016: Let’s Play Hide and Seek!


Megg recently returned from her camping trip, and is making a meet-up. But that’s not all- She has a special activity coming our way!

Hide and Seek. It’s a common penguin game since about 2008, where one can hide in an area, like the Forest, or the Dojo. Very fun game to play. However, there are rules to this game. Once you find her secret hiding spot, you must send a postcard, in which Megg will reward that penguin after the meet-up. Also note that Megg will be hiding in a new spot, so be ready and alert.

Since it’s Monday today, She’ll be hosting it on server Hockey, at 10:05 AM PST, or 1:05 PM EST. The time was changed according to a Blog reply by Megg, realizing the fact about fame, and that she has to give some time to hide before the game begins. Good luck out there, fellas! Sorry, once more that I cannot make it.

A blog reply by Megg about the time change




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