3 of Herbert’s Biggest Fails

Club Penguin Activity                                                     Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Herbert’s 3 Unusual Activities


Herbert Percivus (P.) Bear Esquire (Esq.) is a polar bear villain, who has thought to be a genius, but came to a fail. He had made three inventions, in a plot to perhaps destroy the island. They are:


1. A Robot

Suppose he made a clone of himself. Since the party of spooks and surprises, he reactivates the other robots, and then makes himself, which is code-named “Herbot“. Apparently, however, this plan foils, and during activation, it backfires and he gets revenge by his robot.


2. Item Theft – Hot Sauce stolen

Not really, but Herbert tends to steal the big lifesized Hot Sauce from the Pizza Parlor into his Underground Base, where it houses a few technology. However, Herbert’s base is located underwater, and his plans are once again foiled by hitting a “FLOOD” button on this unusual addition to the base.


3. “Club Herbert”

Other than the website’s name, Herbert finishes it once and for all, capturing the Elite Penguin Force (EPF) leaders, and using a laser he had built, he uses it to heat the island, sending the penguins into doom. But this last one of his thingamajigs was malfunctioned when an agent stops this once and for all, and saves the day. All in a day for an agent’s work.



In the future, there might be more. But I guess the island is safe, for now. Be remarkable, be resourceful, be ready.