Megg Monday: Tune Tuesday

Club Penguin Activity                                                        Monday, July 4, 2016

This Unusual Meet-Up Change in the Schedule that Apparently Made a Bit of a Confusion, since Megg Monday was Originally on a Monday, and now on a Tuesday


Well, uh, sorry about this strange title…

In any case, you can say the penguins got the blues. This event was to take place today, but has been delayed to another one of those days.

So try it, uh, so in any cases of activity, you can easily say that, this meet-up of the modification for meggnificent goes from July IV, to the V. That is, to the 5th of July. I guess you can say the Club’s going up on a Tuesday.

This meet-up is mainly about music. How much it rocks on. Like you could practice on your guitar, do a drumroll, sing along (“Whooooooo, farted!!”) – Whatever!


Below are what to expect during the meet-up.


Date:  Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Time11:00 AM PST or 2:00 PM EST





In additional to any more sources, we have a tip, in regards of joining/forming a band at the meet-up. In accordance to the news, something tells me and some of us about wearing facial hair. Of course, you don’t always see a bearded lady on stage, do you. But i’m not real sure if it’s optional or not.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy the show for the Megg Tuesday Meet-Up.






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