The OldCP vs NewCP protest

Club Penguin Activity                                                Thursday, July 14, 2016

The “OldCP vs NewCP” Protest


At some random point in time, there would be this made-up “protest”, based on the differences of the two subjects. An example would be the “OldCP vs NewCP” protest.

It happens long ago. In fact, however, everything’s happened long ago.

This protest has been at least happening since about 2010 (That is, about 6 years ago). With the “DISNEY RUINED CP” words, “OLD IS GOLD”, “NEW IS EW”- All those you’d commonly see if you’d joined a few years ago and counting.

This is somewhat similar to what you see in a protest/riot in reality. From speaking, to destroying. After all, it’s virtual.

So at the Plaza, I came across the amount of users. About 90% of the users were from 2009-present.

A picture of the protest on July 2016. Photo by the NewCP service


The rest is history. And remember, Club Penguin is a virtual world for kids (and perhaps for everyone as well for 100% agreement). We’re currently in the new stage of the island. It’s changing.



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