Penguin Of The Week: Mckeala

Club Penguin Activity                                               Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Penguin Of The Week 07/26/2016 – Mckeala


A most seen server Blizzard user. And the most comes around here.

Mckeala is nominated at this time. I’ve seen this user at random areas on server Blizzard. And I can remember seeing a few blog replies here and there.

Other than that, Megg has been delayed, due to a sickness. She catched up with a new post, and her meet-up will take place on August VIII (8), due to some specialized event on August I (1). Well, I guess she was on The Late Night Show with Megg, featuring Tas 1000. I guess someone’s been delayed.

In any case, we have some more Penguin Of The Week details, which in location, are below.



  • Alyss12
  • Toonie2012

Users appear to be from Blizzard as well as from my  point of view and presence


Nominator’s’ Comment(s)

Hi ! I want to nominate Mckeala because she’s kind and nice she’s maked your day last week ! Waddle on !

Aye Megg, I would like to nominate Mckeala and Whittney79 for POTW they are both my Bffs! and we play with each other almost everyday! They have amazing looks and styles they deserve it sooo much!! Btw Congrats Icicles5! Hope you have a great CP filled week!


As a nominee, congratulations. As a normal user on the server Blizzard filled with unusual activity, you will be monitored, along with a few others.




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