Penguin Of The Week: Echo006

Club Penguin Activity                                                  Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Penguin Of The Week 08/02/2016 – Echo006


Mid month of Summer. On Augustus II, XXIVI. And nothing has came to be. I guess we have a new special, and it is Echo006, it shall be.

An unusual blogger, around for some time. Some awesome congratulations, from ye olde times.

And may you be glad of your appreciations, my fellow user.


UPDATE: Due to some unusual activity, some more nominators and their posts have been added on here.



  • 2coolstar
  • Cpplayer876
  • Djspinner13
  • Firepup16
  • Icystorm 9
  • Idanny
  • Kannoo
  • Lukeboy10
  • Mytheme
  • Pengyprince2
  • Pingu15cool
  • Rosytilly
  • Sully1973
  • Whs2015

Nominator’s’ Comment(s)

Hi Megg! I’d like to nominate Echo006 for POTW! He’s a very fun guy to hang out and makes these super awesome and creative jokes! I also really like his style and his humorous style! He deserves POTW!

I would like to nominate Echo006 for POTW because he is a kind, friendly penguin who has been playing CP for 8 years! He always hosts lots of awesome events and he is very kind to everyone he meets. I’ve had lots of fun with him and he does so much for the community. He deserves this award!!! 

I would like to nominate my great bud, Echo006! He should become Penguin Of The Week because he organises fun meet-ups on the ‘Marshmallow’ server and he has been a member in the community for ages. Echo is very kind and helpful to other players on the island. He defiantly deserves this award! 🙂

Hello Megg! I would like to nominate my good friend for Penguin on the Week. His penguin’s name is Echo006, and he has done much for the community. Whether it be attending meetups, or hosting parties; he’s always such a fun person! I’ve known him for quite a long time and he’s still proven to (continued) proven to be really fun and outgoing. With that being said I really think he deserves POTW! Thank you. c:

I’m nominating my friend Echo006 for POTW because he is caring & fun to his friends by having contests also he is popular & friendly in the community. He has been playing CP for over 8 years and he’s probably the only person I know who has the closest age to my penguin as he’s 3 days older than me!

Congrats Mckeala I Would love to nominate echo006 for POTW For having awesome igloos and being kind and loyal and hes very funny hes does not just have great style hes also a great friend – Lukeboy10

Hi Megg I would to Nominate Echo006 because he’s kind in this community he’s funny he’s cute I SEE GREATEST IGLOO IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Echo make my day in last Monday. Hopefully He did it. Adios !

I would like to nominate my friend Echo006. He has been playing for a long time, and every time I talk to him he is always very friendly and kind.

I would like to nominate Echo006 because of how much he’s done for our community. He’s always trying to find ways to help other penguins out, whether it be showing them around or being friends with them. He’s a great friend and should be POTW!!!

I’d like to nominate Echo006! He’s fun and he does awesome meetups and events!

Hi Megg! I’d like to nominate one of my good friends Echo006. He’s super kind, caring, fun and loves to hang with friends. He hosts mini meetups and parties on the server Marshmallow. His events are SUPER fun! I think he definitely deserves POTW! Look how many of his friends have nominated him!

I would like to nominate Echo006 because he is a great friend and will me hosting some partys soon so it would be so nice if he was penguin of the week.

Congratz Mckeala! I would like to nominate my friend Echo006 for POTW. He is nice, kind, friendly and funny. He is very helpful penguin on the island. I have been hanging out with him on CP. He makes sure his friends have fun on CP. I think he deserves it. Thanks in advance 🙂

i nominate echo006 as he as helped me when i have been stressed by making and coming to meetups and parties he is also a great penguin on the island



Quite the big one for this old fella. May you be granted with a background, a stack of coins, and a few echoes.




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