You Decide: Music Jam Themed Items

Club Penguin Activity                                                       Thursday, August 18, 2016

You Decide: Music Jam Themed Items


The Music Jam. My favourite party. My jam. My favourite type of jam. Maybe I should try this for breakfast on some bread. But you don’t jam music- Or do you?

Anyways, here we have it. A post. A special post. A special post for a party. A good party. There’s lots to see and do. In any case, Megg said something about a decide you post somewhere one day on a blog post reply on the Club Penguin blog. In today’s reading, it’s all about the items.

A question from the post asks about what you could wear in relations to the Music Jam’s items. Could it be past items, or new items?

Well, for me, I wear the usual Penguin Band Hoodie, a guitar instrument (whether if it’s acoustic or electric), and a few other related items that is in my likeness. I wonder what might yours be?




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