Megg Monday: August 29, 2016

Club Penguin Activity                                             Monday, August 29, 2016

Megg Monday 08/29/2016


Lots of Mondays. However, there are not a lot of Meggs. Yes, there is a lot of days of the weeks, perhaps cloned. But you don’t always see Megg go into a cloning machine.

In today’s reading, it is based on another meet-up. Which is cool, because it’s one of the good ones. The downside for this, is that I forgot to come to this cool event.

Anyways, I think this will be a good event. Have a look at the details below.



Time is important when you go to meet-ups. The correct time can be seen at the Snow Forts. It’s also known as a clock tower to keep you up to date in time. It uses the Penguin/Pacific Standard Time, rather than your time unless it is quite similar.


Meet-Up Schedule – Megg Monday 08/29/2016

When               10:30 AM  Penguin Standard Time  OR  1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

Where                                                   Server  Hockey

Theme                                            Colors/Colours    (Red  Vs  Blue)

Meet-Up Time Schedule – Megg Monday 08/29/2016

Time                                                                        Room

10:30 AM PST – 10:35 AM PST                       Beach           
(1:30 PM EST – 1:35 PM EST)

10:35 AM PST – 10:40 AM PST                        Dock
(1:35 PM EST – 1:40 PM EST)

10:40 AM PST – 10:45 AM PST                       Town
(1:40 PM EST – 1:45 PM EST)

10:50 AM PST – 10:55 AM PST                     Snow Forts
(1:50 PM EST – 1:55 PM EST)

10:55 AM PST – 11:00 AM PST                        Plaza
(1:55 PM EST – 2:00 PM EST)

11:00 AM PST – 11:05 AM PST                       Forest
(2:00 PM EST – 2:05 PM EST)

11:05 AM PST – 11:10 AM PST                         Cove
(2:05 PM EST – 2:10 PM EST)

I hope it’s a cool one for sure. Like a color war or some sort would one do, hence its scenario: Red Vs Blue . And be sure to wear your team colors, as advised by Megg.



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