Penguin Of The Week: Mls01

Club Penguin Activity                                              Monday, August 29, 2016

Penguin Of The Week 08/29/2016 – Mls01


Server Blizzard users. Not really a big fan, unless it’s a decent and good user.

Here we have Mls01 for this nomination. Not an oscar nominee, but for the penguin play awards. I mean, for the Penguin Of The Week thingamajigs.



  • Liz4eva
  • Meridadisney
  • Nelly21793


Nominator’s’ Comment(s)

I nominate Mls01 for POTW. She’s an AWESOME friend to have. I’m so glad I have her as a friend. She’s REALLY fun, sweet, kind, amazing, and honest. She has really cool igloos and I love her fashion. I really think she deserves it. Please choose her!

i would like to nominate Mis01 for potw because we always have such fun together! she is an awesome pal and i love role playing with her! she is always so cheerful and her smile is super contagious!!

I nominate MIs01 for POTW. I recently met her on the island and she is super fun! I finally met a penguin who is always as happy as I am lol. She is really cheerful and always makes people smile. She loves making new friends and always puts others first. 😀


Well, uh, well done, Mls01. Seems to be cool to be a nominee for this week’s nomination.




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