Megg & Wolfyjumps Tuesday: September 6, 2016

Club Penguin Activity                                                   Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Megg & Wolfyjumps Tueday  09/06/2016


It’s another meet-up. But not only is Megg there, it seems there is a new face in the joining, by the name of Wolf E. Jumps, or Wolfyjumps. So they planned it on a Tuesday, probably for the school return for some of us. I’ll probably also make a cameo appearance during the meet-up as well, just be on the lookout for me.

Additional information from the blog sources about the meet-up being made by a community player, alias Brookealias, or Brookelas. Perhaps this fellow penguin of ours had some good thinking, which is good for the event.

Anyhow, since some of us are back from school, why don’t we have a go there?



A clock is important, fellas. No matter where you go, you always need time on your hands- Or maybe on your wrist or phone.


Meet-Up Schedule – Megg & Wolfyjumps Tuesday 09/06/2016

Time                   4:00 PM Penguin Standard Time  OR  7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Server                                                        Marshmallow

Theme                                   Back  to  School  –  Any type of clothing

Room                                     Club Penguin University  /  School

               For a tip, the times are three hours ahead. That’s the real time, which is similar to the time for the meet-up.

Also, here’s a video on the meet-up.

Enjoy, as all can also enjoy in their virtual school fun. Okay, class, today’s lesson is gonna be…



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