“Waddling On!”

Club Penguin Activity                                                   Wednesday, September 7, 2016

“Waddling On!”


This term is literally used by penguins. Of course they do waddle.

However, for this post, we have some strange activity going on. Some good news and bad news.

First one is about someone leaving the staff offices. Because after all, some of us are getting older already, and have to spend some time with others. A moderator, now-former, Spike Hike, has stated about his resign, and that in accordance to a blog post, that he will leave the offices. However, he might be going on again for some special occasion, or some sort.

Before he goes, he’ll be making a meet-up, which will take place tomorrowon Thursday, September 8, on server Fog, at 3:30 PM Penguin Standard Time, OR 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. Let’s hope to be there.


The second one here is about the completion of some supposed-to-be-secret project. The Club Penguin Team had done some testing, and the beta will be starting for the upcoming few months.



Weird how the link is missing something. Clue: opposite of “off”. Updates may occur


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