Megg Monday: September 12, 2016

Club Penguin Activity                                           Monday, September 12, 2016

Megg Monday 09/12/2016


Another week. Why not enjoy another week of another meet-up?

However, this one takes place on an afternoon. Not after school, but in the middle of the day. Details are below.



Have a look at this clock at the Snow Forts, just in case you’re not late.


Meet-Up Schedule – Megg Monday 09/12/2016

When              9:30 AM Penguin Standard Time  OR  12:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

Where                                           Server  Hockey

Theme                                            Igloo Tours  (Any outfit is allowed)

Meet-Up Time Schedule – Igloo Tours – Megg Monday 09/12/2016

Time                                                                                     Igloo

9:30 AM PST – 9:35 AM PST                                      Megg
(12:30 PM EST – 12:35 PM EST)

9:35 AM PST – 9:40 AM PST                                Starjump19
(12:35 PM EST – 12:40 PM EST)

9:45 AM PST – 9:50 AM PST                                 Cpplayer876
(12:45 PM EST – 12:50 PM EST)

9:50 AM PST – 9:55 AM PST                                     Erinoi
(12:50 PM EST – 12:55 PM EST)

9:55 AM PST – 10:00 AM PST                              Silly Moose
(12:55 PM EST – 1:00 PM EST)


According to the blog, they say there will be an update at around 9:20 AM PST or 12:20 PM EST, probably for the update of the igloos- on where all the penguins will go to. Bad news for me, is that I can’t make it today. Oh well, probably I can make it for a better time instead of for a middle of the day, unless it’s a weekend.



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