Megg Monday Meet-Up Postponed

Club Penguin Activity                                            Monday, September 19, 2016

Megg Monday Meet-Up Postponed


Well, breaking news, flipper fellas, it seems a meet-up was postponed. It is until September 26, and service resumes as usual.

I’m not particularly sure about this one. Some personnel penguins say it arouses suspicion, while others are also not sure beyond this one. Well I think there’s a big rat population popping up in the Club Penguin headquarters or something. Silly me.

In other words, it was probably a continuation of the previous meet-up, with the theme of the igloo tours. Strange enough, since Megg said about choosing a different theme when there’s an igloo tour set as the theme.

More additional information reads that on the resume of the meet-ups, there will be some vital details for the next meet-up.



  • Next meet-up time is 4:30 PM PST OR 7:30 PM EST
  • New theme announced in next Megg Monday post
  • Meet-Up postponed until Monday, September 26, 2016





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