Penguin Of The Week: Nelly21793

Club Penguin Activity                                           Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Penguin Of The Week 10/11/2016 – Nelly21793


Particularly do I know obviously that this penguin is basically a Blizzard user. I wonder if these fellas ever use random penguins to nominate them, or if it is actually some of their friends on the server Blizzard. And I could tell that you fellas nominate your friends, which is okay. I mean, I see mainly about 10 penguins that go on server Blizzard that are nominated. I do go on Blizzard, but I’m not really a part of that gang of yours, and was never nominated yet. Sorry if something had happened, but that’s all to say, Nelly and friends. Congratulations, anyway, fellow penguin. You’re a good penguin.



  • Madog967


Nominator’s’ Comment(s)*

I nominate my friend Nelly21793 to be penguin of the week that’s because she’s one of my best friends and she’s also so friendly and cheerful with everybody and she has a great personality and always like to help people and i hope one day she’s gonna be penguin of the week 🙂


*  – Might be updated




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