Things to Do at the Halloween Party

Club Penguin Activity                                           Friday, October 14, 2016

Things to Do at the Halloween Party


It’s the usual, and here’s what to expect for halloween:

  1. wear your costume
  2. go trick or treat
  3. knock on doors
  4. get candy
  5. once done, your back home and you can eat the candy. Just not too much candy, or you’d end up releasing a load into a water compactor where all the chocolate and apple juice are stored




Oh, thanks man, um, getting right back on track here, we got some stuff here at the halloween PARTY. Have a look below.


Sweet Seeker:  A scavenger hunt for non-edible candy as one stated. I’m not sure if it’s that or some sort for prevention of gobbling down such sweet treats.

Monster Maker 3000: An invention by Gary the gadget guy. Its main function is to transform into some sort of “monster”. Only transforms are for members only. The “Penguin” transform is for everyone- Being a penguin is normal after all.

Slime Swimming: Well, why don’t we dive into the deep- Deep green sea… And enjoy? Just be aware that you’ll look like a Lime Green penguin once you’re done swimming down there by the Cove and the Underground Pool.

Pumpkin Race: It’s not literally recommended to do, but it’s strange to do one of these. Not sure what one was up to…

Ghost Stories: Usually told at night. No worries, because after all, it’s just a story.

Trick or Treat: Well, which one is it? Anyway, this fun event mainly is based on wearing a costume, knocking or using a doorbell on some spooky decorated house, receiving candy, and proceeding to wherever y’alls going to.


Enjoy the Halloween Party, penguins! Lots to see, lots to do.




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