Club Penguin Reunion: 11th Anniversary Celebration – Recap

Club Penguin Activity                                        Monday, October 24, 2016

Club Penguin Reunion: 11th Anniversary Celebration – Recap


Yeah, I came to the event.

On October 24, 2016, on Server Marshmallow, there was this event held by some of our penguin bloggers, in which they call it Club Penguin Reunion. This was the second time I went here, and all sorts were there the same activities with all the enjoyment from the Club Penguin Team, users, bloggers, and others.

For the result, it was truly a fun event. Lots of penguins showed up, and the server Marshmallow was busy. Waddling around and meeting penguins was cool and all sorts for that. I also grabbed a hold of some pictures during the event. The pictures include some famous penguins and some rooms.


The Plaza during the event
Chrisdog93 spotted at the Plaza
The Iceberg during the event


Along the way, I spotted some famous and rare penguins such as:


Yoda Ads

Joncena111 (JOHN CENAA)



I guess that’s all for that. Another year for coolness!


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