Things to Do at the Music Jam

Club Penguin Activity                                              Saturday, November 12, 2016

Things to Do at the Music Jam


Let’s see. To be frank, fellas, I ought to have my own way of enjoying it.


  • Rock the house – Drop a 100 ton boulder down your igloo, then pay $5,000.00 for it
  • “Music Jam” – There’s a sale at the picnic today. Grab one before it’s gone! Limited time only!
  • Meet the Band and Company – Sneak a hidden speaker on a music speaker and blast a fart explosion during the concert event
  • “Music Jam 2” – Destroy one of our speakers and get a free $1,500.00 for your prize
  • Fall into a chocolate fountain – Try at your own risk




Oh, well thank you, sir, I didn’t know much of what’s here today. That’s what I knew I guess.


Anyway, the real thing will set in. Not the rock, neither dwayne johnson, but the Club Penguin Team will show us.


  • Grab a surfboard and jam out on the waves – I think that one’s too dangerous- Who’d break their surfboard and strum their guitar at once? But that one’s interesting, playing a guitar while doing your moves. guitar moves, surf moves, that’s extreme in one picture.
  • Start a Penguin Dance Line at the Casa Fiesta – It’s pretty cool until you end up making casa siesta- don’t fall, or a domino line goes.
  • Meet the Penguin Band and Company – Yeah, they’re cool flipper fellas. Time to waddle, rock, and jam on.
  • Conversation with Klutzy – uh, maybe not- he bites…
  • Check out new beats being dropped at the Night Club – What beats? Why are you dropping them?
  • Toot Band – Everyone plays a whoopie cushion, makes obnoxious sounds with their arms, and play low brass instruments in the line


Well, for this result- These, were some, good tips, Club Penguin Team…




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