Penguin Of The Week: Macy Lizard

Club Penguin Activity                                        Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Penguin Of The Week 12/06/2016 – Macy Lizard


A bit disappointed, but most of all, I know all these server Blizzos getting nominated. Bit of a shame.

Macy Lizard is nominated for Penguin Of The Week.



  • D D Doodle
  • Lola601
  • Pennypoo1000
  • Zoezail2006


Nominator’s’ Comment(s)

I also have another friend who has the quote “Be happy!” and that always motivates me so I would also like to nominate Macy Lizard.For now waddle on.-Zoezail2006 🙂

Knew u could do it Penny2415! Hello CP! Today I would LOVE to nominate Macy Lizard! She is SO funny and makes me laugh all the time. And she is so so fun to hang out with. If she won I would do anything to see her smile. Thanks Megg 

Congratz Penny2415!!! Megg, i would like to nominate my friend Macy Lizard, she is so kind to everyone, i think alot of penguins nominated for her! but she wasn’t Penguin of the Week yet T.T… she’s pretty cool too!! she is always all penguins’ backs and i think she is really nice!! :DDDD

I would like to nominate the absolutely EPIC Macy Lizard! She is definitely the GREATEST FRIEND EVER! I hav been on CP for a while and she is by far the most AMAZING penguin I’ve ever met! She is kind and caring. Plz plz plz Megg! Make her POTW!




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