Penguin Of The Week: Tigergirl87

Club Penguin Activity                                            Monday, January 16, 2017

Penguin Of The Week 1/16/2017 – Tigergirl87


Likely another server Blizzard penguin. Tigergirl87 has arrived for a nomination spot!



  • Dance17717
  • Poppy51253


Nominator’s’ Comment(s)

Hi! I want to nominate Tigergirl87 for Penguin Of The Week!!! She is unique, FAB, and most of all MY Best Friend! I think she deserves POTW bc she always makes u happy! I like her alot! I think any penguin would! I want her to get POTW it would make her happy! She loves to make new friends too! Thx

Hey Megg! I’d love to nominate Tigergirl87! She is more than wonderful, she always cheers you up! If there was only one word to describe her it would be… Perfect! She has an awesome fashion style! She will always be a great friend! I REALLY hope she gets POTW! Thanks! Waddle on!





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