Penguin Of The Week: Liz Greeny

Club Penguin Activity News                          Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Penguin Of The Week 2/7/2017 – Liz Greeny


I don’t really have a clue for the team’s laziness, since either they’ve ran out of ideas and such, like Megg’s somewhat new, and I’m not too sure about the game itself in the process, and they use rather some inspirations, and when that’s done it’s gone, and they use some other thing, like Penguin Of The Week where they just keep nominating some popular penguin noob from the popular server Blizzard, and always a member, and not anyone new, other than them, and their friends get nominated and they’re from the same server and also a noob and member. Real strange. And serious.


Anyway, we got Liz Greeny for nomination. Welcome aboard.



* = Possible friends from the popular server

  • Comit7*


Nominator’s’ Comment(s)

Once again, I nominate Liz Greeny for POTW. She’s so caring and fun. We have the best times! One time, we were talking about the same SpongeBob episode that we were watching in real life! Since CP is shutting down, it would be a huge present for her, because it has been her dream for a long time!





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