Megg Meet-Ups: February 10, 2017

Club Penguin Activity News                                     Friday, February 10, 2017

Megg Meet-Ups 2/10/2017


Meet-Up’s today, so you better get going. Megg’s already made this one, so waddle on quickly.



I bet this resource should do it. However, this clock is not for carrying, for some reason. Just don’t carry it. A clock tower, also seen here, shows time. Might as well use the time wisely to check what time it is and when it’s the time to get going, and the time to party.



Meet-Up Schedule – Megg Meet-Up 2/10/2017


  1. 10:30 AM Penguin Standard Time or 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
  2. 3:30 PM Penguin Standard Time or 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time



  • Server Hockey
  • Room Forest



  • N/A  –  Just waddle on



Enjoy and waddle on at the meet-up(s). That’s today.




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