About Club Penguin Cheats

I originally started blogging in late 2014 as said above. However, before wordpress i used weebly, a similar blogging tool. wasn’t too popular though. I named my weebly blog SethCP just like my old blog here for wordpress. I lost interest in Weebly, and so I transferred over to wordpress for a new blog and stuff.
This was started by Seth, and he was inspired by other bloggers. Over the years, he has given the latest, for sure, to you all, and has received some hits. It has some entertainment and news for all to enjoy.

The reason why the name was chosen was about for, well, you know, activity around the island, and from our title: “Giving you the latest about Club Penguin”. It’s been a good time, for now. Club Penguin Activity also consists of 7 penguins and 3 authors. It also has some good information, which attracts some users.

Be sure to visit the blog. We may be coming with some good news here and there.


Blog Statistics

1,000 Hits – April 12, 2016

1,500 Hits – May 29, 2016

2,000 Hits – June 22, 2016

2,500 Hits – July 22, 2016

3,000 Hits – August 23, 2016

3,500 Hits – September 25, 2016

4,000 Hits – November 26, 2016

4,500 Hits – January 9, 2017

5,000 Hits – April 4, 2017

5,500 Hits – November 4, 2017



About the Authors

LWa1JqU.png4-wzPtmZ_400x400.png51f0b6662c4048f69842609a14d5229e.pngScreen Shot 2015-12-18 at 5.06.06 PM.png009fa07112024bed9e76f88cffc8a01b-1.png9923bd1a8bba4a2cb58b79c23eabf80a-1.png

Seth’s current playercard

Information about Seth:

  • Creator of Club Penguin Activity
  • The name “Seth” stuck
  • Currently has around 1,000 Igloo Likes
  • Owns an xat account, which is ChatInspector (698108236 (xat ID)), and Twitter, which is @XatInspector
  • WordPress username is sethmcbob
  • Has a YouTube channel, which is http://youtube.com/SethMcbob
  • Has a Twitter, which is @SethMcbob
  • Wears various clothing items:

– Tour Guide Hat
– Sailor Hat
– Pork Pie Hat
– Bowler Hat
– Umbrella Hat
– Yellow Snorkel
– Ice Cream Apron
– Pizza Apron
– Hawaiian Shirt
– Island Lei
– Messenger Bag
– Red Bandana
– Pirate Bandana
– Penguin Band Sweater/Hoodie
– Puffle Bandana
– Paddle Ball
– Black Toque
– Night/Dark Vision Goggles
– MP3K
– Gold Sunglasses
– Red Sunglasses
– Brown/Leather Shoes
– Brown Pirate Boots
– Brown Sandals
– Aqua (color)
– Black (color)
– Orange (color)
– Green (color)
– Eyepatch
– Mustache
– Black Penguin Band Hoodie
– Black Dress Shoes
– Black MP3000
– Red Electric Guitar
– Black Electric Guitar
– Friendship Bracelet
– Life Ring
– Silver Watch
– Lollipop
-Leather Pilots Jacket
– Pilot’s Jacket
– Monocle
– Top Hat
– Fishing Hat
– Cozy Hat
– Miners Helmet
– Launch Pad Background
– Winter Background
– Beach Background
– UK Hoodie
– King’s Crown
– Black and Red Sailor Shirt
– Fishing Vest
– Striped Overalls
– Seashell Belt
– Seashell Necklace
– Pumpkin Basket
– Winged Viking Helmet
– Santa Hat
– Santa Beard (both face and neck items)
– Bell
– Blue Lei
– Blue Book
– Blue Crosshatch Hoodie/Sweater

  • CPPS player, with some usernames like Jeff, Help, Steve, Joey, Jethro, and Pwns
  • Part of the Damen Spike Games HQ community, as user “Help”
  • Sometimes also known as “King Seth I”
  • Usually goes on servers Blizzard, Ice Berg, Sleet, or any server for meet-ups
  • Sometimes contributes to the Club Penguin Wiki


Seth 2
  • Seth’s 2nd account
  • Used for testing and blogging reasons


Phat Seth's current items
Phat Seth

Information about Phat Seth:

  • Nothing usual, but associated as Seth’s backup/2nd account.
  • Twitter account is @phat_seth
  • YouTube is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIzNeSsU4axGJBsSjj6MUAw
  • Wears clothing items similar to Seth


0Py0TXCScreen Shot 2015-09-06 at 11.31.35 AM.png

Information about Test 5/Tests/Test Pwn:

  • Used for testing purposes and such
  • Former Author at Club Penguin Activity/Cheats
  • Wears some clothing items:

– Black (color)
– Tour Guide Hat
– Eyepatch
– Friendship Bracelet
– Pirate Bandana
– Puffle Bandana
– Paddle Ball
– Blue Book
– Santa Beard (Neck item)
– Bell
– Winged Viking Helmet
– Ice Cream Apron
– Lollipop

  • Owns a Twitter, which is @Test123000
  • CPPS Player, with usernames of Test, Tester, and Tests
  • Usually goes on servers Blizzard, Ice Berg, and Sleet at random times



Information about Scott:

  • Author at Club Penguin Activity
  • Related to the creator/administrator of Club Penguin Activity, which is Seth
  • Owns a Twitter, which is @ScottMcbob
  • Sometimes also known as “Lord Scott I”
  • Usually on servers Blizzard, Ice Berg, Sleet, and other servers where meet-ups take place



Club Penguin Activity © 2014 – 2017


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