Happy New Years 2018

January 1, 2018


Gee if i ever realize it by now, but today starts a new year 2018. Not much goes on, but enjoy your activities even if its not club penguin.

Waddle on


Club Penguin Famous and Rare Penguins

Made a video with about 50-60 penguins in the video which is about 20 minutes long. Made club penguin famous and rare penguins video in memory of all the penguins from 2005-2009. Most of these penguins are famous old bloggers, few moderators, rare penguins, and some beta testers. These are from my famous and rare penguins page on my blog. I thought I’d put it together into a video for all of us to see. Clever idea.

I added some music to the video too. Wondering the name, it is “block rockin beats” by the chemical brothers. kinda loops in the video 5 times for 20 minutes.


April Fools Day

Grub Penguin Pwns Newbs                               Whensday, Aripl I, 1207

lirpA slooF yaD


olleH, yadot si lirpA slooF yaD! stuJ siht emit fo eht raey, erehw emos fo su ekam emos sekoj, shgual, dna rehto ffuts.

Hello, today is April Fools Day! Just this time of the year, where some of us make some jokes, laughs, and other stuff.

This is also Rookie’s favorite party.

Hey, and also Club Penguin is back!



Anyways, just enjoy this event. And no, the classic Club Penguin is not back…

Penguins Of The Week: Everyone

Club Penguin Cheats News                      Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Penguins Of The Week 3/28/2017 – Everyone


Well, I’ve never heard of a username named Everyone…

But its actual form is basically all of us on the island. Congratulations to me and all.



* = Possible staff. Some are known.

  • Club Penguin Team (I am not naming them all on this list, there are over 200, and I cant fit all of them on here…)
  • Amykim*
  • Bodoni*
  • Boltzor
  • Chaddington*
  • Deamama* (found a picture of nomination, but wasn’t included in current post)
  • Megg*
  • Polar Play*
  • Sgt Sparkles*


Nominator’s’ Comment(s)

I’d love for everyone (the whole community!) to be PotW! Every penguin has been so kind and inviting to the island for new penguins and to me. The best part of my day is logging on and meeting penguin pals, chatting in the coffee shop, and just staying creative. It’s their love for this island that has kept it afloat for so long. Thanks for being so warm on a cold island – the party definitely starts when the community waddles in. Don’t forget to be awesome and stay creative!” -Amykim

I would like the nominate the entire Club Penguin community for Penguin of the Week! This community of passionate, creative, and adventurous penguins has really impacted me in the most positive way. From the selflessness and compassion, to the silly and funny sense of humor that you bring to the Island, you really make Club Penguin the awesome place that it is. Thank you for all of your positive energy and good vibes. I can’t wait to see what kind of amazing things we all do next! Waddle on!”  -Chaddington

I nominate ALL THE PENGUINS! This is a huge week for the Club Penguin community, so they ALL deserve to be recognized. Thanks for all the awesome things they do for each other and for the team!” — Bodoni

The Club Penguin community has been open and accepting to penguins from all over the world, exemplifying a tremendous amount of generosity and kind heartedness. It has been an honor getting to know so many of them, and I look forward to even more great memories. *Salutes*” -Sgt Sparkles

For the last classic CP POTW, I’d really love to nominate ALL THE PENGUINS. The things you do together are amazing! I’ve seen you care for each other when times are tough, help each other when there’s a problem to solve, cheer for each other when there’s a game to play, dance like Christmas trees when there’s….Christmas tree dancing to do(?) Together you ARE CP, and that deserves a million nominations!” -Boltzor

I’d like to nominate the WHOLE CP COMMUNITY to be PoTW, it’s because of your support, dedication, and passion for the game that’s kept it going for the past 11 years, and allowed us to continue on into Club Penguin Island. There is never a time when I’ve gone online and not had the best time ever, so thanks to each and every one of you for making my job so incredible.” -Megg

I would like to nominate the entire community of Club Penguin because they are the best and they ae always there for one another. ¡We have had a blast entertaining you for so long! Throughout all our adventures in Club Penguin, it has made me really happy to see all the creativity that our feathered friends have by creating amazing igloos and by reading all the wonderful suggestions you send us. ¡You guys are the best! I have enjoyed very much all the games we have played, and although I have lost almost all the sleight races… ¡It was so much fun! You guys are truly wonderful and I think that every single one of you deserves to be penguin of the week!” -Polar Play

That’s all I guess. I’d also like to nominate Seth- Okay, really enough now, buster.

Check blog of club penguin for more

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