Club Penguin Private Server (Or as most call it by CPPS) is similar to Club Penguin, but with different features. They are created by some users, and are  not affiliated with Disney or Club Penguin.


CPPS News Sites:

The news sites are where a certain CPPS is being made or can undergo changes.

  • CPPSHQ – Gone
  • CPPSCentral – Gone
  • CPPSGalaxy – Once a CPPS News Site, gone
  • SpeedyCPPSHQ


List of Servers

  • Club Penguin+ (Plus) – Once a CPPS, gone
  • CPData – Once a CPPS, gone
  • CPPS.io
  • CPPS.me
  • CPPS.pw
  • CPPS.us – Once a CPPS, gone
  • CPPSCreator – A CPPS which has servers, and also lets you make one
  • Flippr
  • FreePenguin
  • iPenguin
  • LimitlessCP
  • Mirai.so
  • OldCP
  • Polar/CPPS.one – Once a CPPS, gone
  • VirtualPenguin – Once a CPPS, gone
  • WonderlandCP – Once a CPPS, gone



Some/most CPPSes have commands. OldPenguin is just a CPPS to do stuff virtually, while OldCP acquires using the “/“. while most CPPSes use the “!“. The list is below for the commands:

User Commands (Commands for everyone on the CPPS)
!ID: Corresponds the ID of the user
!users: Corresponds how many users are in the room
!AI: Adds item to inventory (Example: !AI 413 adds Party Hat, see more IDs in my IDs page)
!UI: Updates/Adds Igloo
!UM: Updates/Adds Music to Igloo
!bot: Sometimes used in a few CPPSes, and corresponds stuff such as “What, (user)?”
!ping: Bot corresponds “Pong”, to show if connected

VIP Commands (Commands for users who bought VIP)
!NG: Updates Nameglow (!NG (Color/ur code))
!NC: Updates Namecolo/ur (NC (Color/ur code))
!BC: Updates Bubblecolor (!BC (color/ur code))
!BT: Updates Bubble Text (!BT (color/ur code))

Staff Commands (Commands for Moderator, Creator, Administrator, Designer etc.)
!Mod: Makes the user Moderator
!Owner/!creator: Makes the user Owner/Creator
!VIP: Makes the user VIP
!kick: Kicks the user
!ban: Bans the user
!mute: Mutes the user
!global: Sends a message to all users
!summon: Summons a user to staff member’s location
!snowballs: Makes all users throw a snowball
!shout: Makes all users say something

Other Commands
!transform: transforms a user to anything (VIP/users’ command)
!help: Asks a staff member for help (Users command/staff command if abused)


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