In Club Penguin, there are numerous features that were released- even before Club Penguin. They are:

Penguin Chat (2001-2004)
Experimental Penguins (2000)
Beta (2005)
Parties (2005-present)
Server Jumping (2009ish-present, aka CPNext)
Unlock Items Online (UIO) (about 2007 or 2008-present)
Puffle (2007-present)
Tour Guide Feature (about 2008-present)
EPF Feature (2005-present)
Minigames (2005-present)
Igloo (2005-present)
Furniture (2006-present)
Items (2005-present)
Membership (2005-present)
Puffle Digging (2013-present)
Online Safety Quiz (2014-present)
Welcome Solo (2009-present)
Namechange Exploit (2012-present)

1. Server Jumping is a feature that was introduced in 2009, but hackers knew how to hack it, and was patched in 2014.
2. UIO was a new feature that can be only used with merchandise. It can be used with a membership card, a toy, or even the Club Penguin Magazine.
3. The Welcome Solo was introduced in 2008, and changed over time. It is not known why.

Current working features
1. Actions
There are certain actions in Club Penguin where it is currently located at the bottom where there is a chat bar and other stuff.

2. Puffle Digging
Puffle Digging was released, because puffles aren’t as fun without anything. After its “clothing” release, it was then decided to add the feature. This also made most penguins mad, due to the fact that rare items are returned, and the items that returned are no longer rare, but simply, old.
A few months or so, a new feature was added to this that allows penguins to click a specified icon. It shows puffle icons and the automatic puffle dig feature. The chat bar was updated during April 2014, which then the Puffle Icon was in the far left, and the messages icon nearest to the chat bar (in the left to it). The automatic feature was added, and was added for 2 minutes.

3.Welcome Solo
Since its existence and creation in 2008 or 2009, it has changed so far. 5/6 years later (December 2014), It has a different style, in which instead of going to a welcome room, it goes to the town. Instead of the Orange Penguin, it features Tourdude. Instead of just the same old items, there are “quests” that give you the advantage of finding each of these items in rooms, which the rooms are important as well.

Pins had existed for 10 years in Club Penguin (2006-2016). Since its release, it was quite difficult. As years and years go by, it was quite easier. During the old days, the player had to click on the pin, but they had to walk to it. Now, during 2013-now, you could just click on it.
One pin still has to be clicked and walked to, and it was the Enchanted Feather pin. It is not known why it’s like that.
Some pin guides will be on the blog later or so.

Parties hae been around for 11 years (2005-2016). Most of the parties are better than others (hence the years and names). Others say newer parties are better, which made this turn into total chaos, making an old cp vs new cp protest. This happened a few times.

6.Namechange Exploit
The name change exploit in 2012 started for some unknown reason. This exploit caused to get names of other penguins. For example beta testers.


Please note that some of these features were made before and in Club Penguin, and some were changed over time.


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