Glitches and Bugs

Wherever I find glitches or bugs, this is the page for them.

Emoticon Bug
When trying to do the smile emoticon (E+2) in Club Penguin, it appears as a blank speech bubble. This bug is now fixed.

the bug
the bug

Puffle Digging Amount Bug Text
When your puffle digs up a coin bag, it will show up as an incorrect amount of coins, such as 5, 00, 0, or even a blank coin amount. This bug is not fixed.

the bug, which is 15 coins, but shown as 5
the bug, which is 15 coins, but shown as 5

Ski Lift Glitch

Reports on twitter of a ski lift glitch that recently occured. In the ski village, it appears the chair is not moving! Could this mean it’s a possible glitch? Leave a reply.

Namecolour Glitch

This glitch was founded by CPWorld, and this glitch lasts until The Fair ends. This namecolor actually happened in CP around 2007-2009.


1. Head to the Galaxy Park, and go to “Virtual World”, which is the Red Arcade Machine is.


2. Once you’re in the Machine, you can choose any of the colour of your penguin and change it.


3. Go to any location in the Fair, and ta da, you’re done. You might not see it, but others will. This glitch works in other rooms.

Email Resend Bug
I recently made a backup account incase. But I got a surprise. A bug.

The text field
The text field

Emoticon Error

Not to be confused with the previous one, but Tests demonstrates a video on another error, which focuses on two emotes, which are the Flower and Clover.


Colo(u)r Camoflauge

At the Stadium and Iceberg, you can wear the colours Green and Blue, as if you were in camoflauge.

img-15.png img-16.png

More coming soon!


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